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十大网堵平台 & 工具 Tailored for Small 业务es

Learn how 美国邮政总局 can help your small business:

  • 负担得起的利率: 在线发布新的, 增强Click-N-Ship® 经验 并获得更低的商业利率. Plus, with a business account, you can get additional savings on select services by opting in to the 商业价目表.
  • 营销和广告帮助: Jump-start your direct mail efforts with 美国邮政总局 Marketing 邮件® tools that connect local customers to your current promotions.
  • 简化运输: Make 航运 faster and easier with services like free 航运 supplies1 及领取包裹2.

美国邮政总局连接® 当地的 delivery is rolling out across the country3: Expand your offerings with expected same-day and next-day delivery to your local customers with low costs and easy signup. 了解更多.

点击,船, & 保存

Pay lower Commercial Rates online when you pay for and print 航运 labels with 增强Click-N-Ship. Also, check to see if you have any 忠诚信用; they expire on June 9, 2024.


Direct Market to Potential Customers

Learn how 每户直销函件® (EDDM®) service can help you find and reach potential customers.


Cost-Effective 商业运输

Talk with a 业务 Solutions Associate about your 航运 needs and get a free starter kit.


直销函件广告 for Your 业务


美国邮政总局 targeted mail campaign affiliates4 能为你做一切吗. 选择和定制设计, 选择你的细分市场, and your campaign will be delivered wherever and whenever you choose. You can even add digital advertising options. 推销你的业务 今天.

专家建议 & 帮助

美国邮政总局 third-party direct mail marketing specialists offer a variety of services, including end-to-end solutions to save you time and widen your reach. Choose how much help you want with 邮件 & 打印十大网堵平台.


Targeting and preparing your own marketing mail campaigns is a good choice for seasoned advertisers. 找到你的听众 上门直销函件(EDDM) 映射工具.

Package being prepared to ship with a sticker on it. 上面写着“美国邮政总局本地连接”. Thank you for supporting local businesses.'


美国邮政总局连接® 当地的 delivery is rolling out across the country3: Expand your offerings with expected same-day and next-day delivery to your local customers with low costs and easy signup.

了解更多 网投十大娱乐平台美国邮政总局连接本地

Person using a smartphone to shop on an ecommerce platform or marketplace.


Sellers: Get discounted 航运 rates for your products and featured services from our participating 美国邮政总局连接电子商务 platforms.

了解更多 网投十大娱乐平台美国邮政总局连接电子商务




Take advantage of 优先邮件 Flat Rate® pricing options to help grow your business.



使用美国邮政总局.com business account to pay for postage and print a 航运 label from your own printer or 商标代理®设备齐全的邮政局 位置. Or, 收取少量费用, you can use 增强Click-N-Ship to have outbound and return labels sent to you.

Stacked mailable boxes awaiting pickup.


节省时间,从家里发货. Get additional details and schedule a free Package Pickup.

工具 & 资源


Reserve a 邮政信箱 to separate business mail from personal mail and keep your sensitive documents secure.


回报是不可避免的. 美国邮政总局 can help you make it an easy and seamless process for your customers to return items.


资源 for business knowledge and insights that help you take your business to the next level.

1. 用于优先邮件®国际优先邮件®、特快专递® and 特快专递 国际® 航运. Boxes are delivered within the U.S. with your regular mail usually within 7 to 10 business days. 除外条款适用. For details and to order, visit 回来^
2. For details on availability, visit 美国邮政总局.com/pickup. 回来^
3. Participation in 美国邮政总局本地连接 requires agreement to program terms and entry of packages and mail close to final destination. Same-day delivery is expected but not guaranteed and may not be available at all 位置s. Next-day delivery may be impacted by holidays and availability of Sunday delivery. When Sunday delivery is available there is an additional fee for 美国邮政总局本地连接 航运 services. Sunday delivery is not available for 美国邮政总局本地连接 邮件 services. Additional restrictions may apply. Speak with your 美国邮政总局 Representative for details. 回来^
4. 注意:美国邮政总局® assumes no liability for results of contact with any company listed on this page or in the local area printer directory. 美国邮政总局 does not endorse third-party vendors. Private vendors may apply non-美国邮政总局 charges. 回来^